Even in small to mid-sized businesses, a compliance team is necessary. At Seltek, we specialize in designing compliance programs in order to meet insurance or regulatory industry requirements. Do your clients require compliance?

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Continuous Monitoring & Logging

All compliance requirements focus on the way in which threats evolve. Cybercriminals continuously work to find new ways to obtain data. Rather than working to find new vulnerabilities, called Zero Day Attacks, they prefer to rework existing strategies. For example, they may combine two different types of known ransomware programs to create a new one.

Continuous monitoring only detects new threats. The key to a compliance program is to respond to these threats before they lead to a data breach. Without responding to an identified threat, the monitoring leaves you open to negligence arising from lack of security.

Customized Documentation

Security is the act of protecting your information. Compliance is the documentation of those actions. While you may be protecting your systems, networks, and software, you cannot prove control effectiveness without documentation.

Documenting your continuous monitoring and response activities provides your internal or external auditors with the information necessary to prove governance. Moreover, the documentation process eases conversations with business leaders and enables the Board of Directors to better review cybersecurity risk. Since compliance requirements focus on Board governance over the cybersecurity program, documenting risk, monitoring, and remediation in an easy-to-digest way enables you to meet these compliance requirements.

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Single Source of Information

With the number of stakeholders involved in cybersecurity compliance activities, maintaining shared documents leads to a variety of potential compliance risks. Shared documents can be updated without the document owner’s knowledge. People can make copies which leads to multiple versions which leads to lack of visibility.

A single-source-of-information allows all stakeholders to track and review compliance activities while maintaining compliance data integrity.

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