What if a fire, flood, earthquake, or hurricane destroyed your office or servers? Can you recover your most important asset, the data, in case of a theft? Can your business survive? Data loss is the biggest threat to your business. Disaster Recovery shouldn’t cost a fortune. But, it should recover like it did. Every company deserves rapid failover without all the hardware and complexity.

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Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

When others say get more hardware, we say get more cloud. Taking a cloud-centric approach to failover minimizes hardware expenses and resources needed to create a failover site. Increasing business uptime with a lower upfront investment is a win-win. You know that not all data needs expensive local storage and now you’ll have a technology partner who can guide, advise, and set up this process for you. We call it a mutually beneficial partnership. Our customers call it more money in their pocket.

Prevent Downtime

71% of organizations cannot tolerate more than an hour of downtime for their critical applications. Improving recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) is a priority.

According to the Technology Services Group’s The Real Cost of Business Downtime, the average company suffers at least 14 hours of IT downtime annually, which translates into 552 person-hours lost per year. Companies estimate that these periods of downtime reduce the ability to generate revenue by 37 percent.

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Protect Your Reputation

Reputation Management is a hot topic in the boardroom these days. Having a solid business continuity plan could make or break your company’s ability to survive a data breach or other systems failure that could tarnish your hard-earned reputation. Company news about data loss, systems downtime and other unplanned interruptions occur with regularity. According to technology research firm Gartner, a business that has a catastrophic data event has a two-year survival rate of just 6%.

Surprisingly, your company can avoid these scenarios by having a solid BC/DR Plan. It is no surprise that recent research by Markets forecasts the spend on DR as a Service (DRaaS) to grow from $1.68 Billion in 2017 in revenue to $11.11 Billion by 2020. Reach out to find out how a Business Continuity Plan could save your business.

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