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Whether you are a network administrator or a business owner, safeguarding your company’s computer systems and networks is critical. That is why every organization needs dark web monitoring services. Designed to minimize the risk of sensitive information leaking to sources who could use it against you, the dark web monitoring solutions we offer at Seltek Technology Solutions are capable of giving you peace of mind while working behind the scenes to protect your business. From dark web monitoring scans to highly effective consulting services, you can depend on us to keep your business safe.

What Do Dark Web Monitoring Services Do for You?

The investment in dark web monitoring scans and tools enables your business to detect the presence of your sensitive information in a compromising position – on the dark web, where information can be sold to third parties who want to use it to steal identities or create complex problems for your business. As a network administrator or business owner, there are a few key things you want to seek out in dark web monitoring solutions like ours

  • Mentions of your brand and corporate identifiers on the dark web
  • Located your company’s email addresses or domain information on the dark web
  • Searches for compromised account credentials
  • Finds stolen personal information and financial data
  • Prevents threats to intelligence databases you use within your company
  • Works as a data loss prevention system
  • Works to protect against dark webs by constantly scanning for threats and risks
  • Identifies traffic that is coming from networks putting you at risk
  • Provides password protection systems

With our solutions, you can block the dark web from putting your company’s operations on the line – often shutting down your ability to run your business and creating expensive, sometimes incredibly challenging problems that limit your ability to operate.

Why Does the Dark Web Matter?

As a business owner or network administrator, having access to dark web monitoring scans is essential. The dark web is a term used for components of the internet that are not easily accessed and not accessible through search engines. Websites that are on the dark web are difficult to find – and that’s the point. The only way for people to access these websites is through the Tor browser.

There are layers and layers of protection in place to make these sites hard to access by any type of scanning device. And, though there are good reasons for this type of limited access, such as for government protections, there is a great deal of criminal activity that happens here.

What Can Happen If Your Company Data Reaches the Dark Web?

The most important thing to know is that criminal activity does take place on the dark web – the buying and selling of company secrets, sensitive information, and even the identifications of your management and staff can be leaked and then used for profit, whether by selling identities or accessing bank accounts.

Why protect against the dark web?

  • Sensitive data exposure
  • Bank details leaked
  • Health records leaked
  • Credentials to gain access to company information becomes accessible
  • Ransomware attacks can occur as a result of this data leak

Let Seltek Technology Solutions Protect Your Business

Dark web monitoring solutions provide a way to safeguard your website, cloud, and other networks, allowing you to know when any access to your information occurs and working to lock out others. Our goal is to ensure that there is always a watchful eye looking for data that could put your business at risk. We do that through dark web monitoring scans – which can run behind the scenes without interfering with your operations.

Learn more about our dark web monitoring services, including how Seltek Technology Solutions can help to minimize risks to your organization. Contact us today to learn more about our dark web monitoring solutions by speaking to our highly experienced consultants. We’re here to help you.