Seltek Technology Solutions: Our Values

These past few months, we have been taking time to reflect on where we began and celebrate how much Seltek has evolved. Our most recent project has been revamping our website, and in doing so, we have been taking time to define and articulate exactly who we are. We know that our foundational values inform everything we have done and currently do.

We started with just a small team in 1998, focused on providing exemplary and affordable IT services for our community here in Richmond, VA. Now a flourishing IT business, we have improved our service offerings, our skills, and expanded our team. Despite our growth, we have remained committed to the same values that Seltek was founded with.

Now that our new website is live, we are feeling refocused. Ready to embrace the recent changes our world is experiencing, knowing that we will stay centered on the same values we have always held.

Our Values

Integrity: We are upfront with our clients and each other. These ethics are reflected in our daily practices and communication habits. We ensure that our clients and team are updated on the latest information pertaining to our services and their technology solutions. Our team is trustworthy and committed to putting our client’s needs first.

Exceptional Service: We are intrinsically motivated, knowing our services reduce our client’s headaches and help their businesses succeed. Utilizing trusted processes and industry-leading tools, we ensure efficient and friendly service. We are continually working to exceeded expectations and bring a smile to our client’s face.

Dynamic Solutions: We take pleasure in developing innovative technology solutions that solve unique business challenges. We take the time to understand our client’s goals and help craft customized solutions to attain them.

Expertise: Our team members have a passion for technology, and we support them in staying current on the latest solutions, updates, and features. With our team’s combined experience and fueled passion, we know that they can handle any problem that comes their way.

Relationships: We have worked to foster and maintain relationships with our clients, team members, and our community. We maintain that the keys to a strong relationship are mutual respect, commitment, collaboration, and loyalty.