Partnering with an MSP can Help Grow Your Business [Midas of Richmond’s Story]

Whether you are completely clueless when it comes to IT and need all the help you can get, or if you have an internal IT team, managed IT services can make your business run smoother and allow you to focus your efforts on the things that matter the most. 

Here at Seltek, we work with various clients that have completely different needs. Our main priority is to find solutions that best fit each business’s needs. We put together solutions to help your business by:

  1. Implementing new technologies to reach company goals. 
  2. Increasing ROI and reducing costs.
  3. Providing your clients with the best possible service. 
  4. Allowing you to spend more time managing and less worrying. 
  5. Increasing your overall security.

Midas of Richmond’s Experience 

Our client, Midas of Richmond, came to us looking for help with the IT management for their five locations. Midas Richmond relies heavily on their IT to improve their customer’s experience and increase their mechanic’s efficiency as a one-stop-shop for brakes, oil changes, tires, and all your auto repair needs. 

The Frustration 

Midas of Richmond was experiencing performance issues, slow connections, information getting lost, and frequent system downtime. As you can imagine, having your systems go down can be detrimental to a mechanic shop. With systems down, they cannot organize bookings, check the vehicle history, track time, and generate service invoices. Their operations halt contributed to less than satisfactory customer experiences and decreased their mechanics’ efficiency- decreasing Midas’ profitability.

The Fix

From the top to bottom of their systems, Midas of Richmond needed the assurance that their data would be protected, and their systems stay well maintained and online. We were able to perform system diagnostics and locate the root of issues they were experiencing. With a few server and network upgrades and reconfigurations, we were able to drastically improve performance, allowing mechanics to perform their jobs more efficiently and significantly enhance communication with their customers.

Owner Mark Smith commented, We’ve been a client of Seltek for a long time.  They handle all of our IT issues and do so quickly and thoroughly. They update all of our systems regularly and are always a quick phone call away I highly recommend them.”

After their great experience with Seltek, Midas of Richmond had us handle the planning and implementation of IT for their newest location- trusting us completely to get them outfitted with exactly what they needed. We provide all five locations with proactive monitoring, maintenance, and helpdesk IT support as well as data backup services, Microsoft 365, and antivirus software. 

Making IT Work For You 

As technology becomes more sophisticated, we are becoming more reliant on it. Technology has become the foundation of your business and integral to its success. Considering changes to your IT management could be the most influential action you could take in your business this year. 

IT solutions maximize your company’s efficiency and leave your clients happy. Tech support can save your business money and give you access to cutting-edge technology your business needs to stay protected, and new tools can expand your customer base and increase profits. 

At Seltek, we’ve got the IT solutions that your company requires to stay on top of its tech and remain competitive. What sets us apart from other MSPs is we create genuine relationships with our clients. We are interested in creating shared success through mutual respect, commitment, collaboration, and loyalty.

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