Is Your IT Provider Really Supporting Your Business Growth?

Many organizations are comfortable with their current IT provider, but a lot of those same organizations likely haven’t taken the time to really investigate the value their provider is actually providing. In this article we’re going to discuss a few questions to ask and things to consider about the true role a good technology partner plays in growing your business. Before moving on, we should establish that a trusted IT partner is more than just a vendor—they’re your trusted go-to resource for all of your IT needs, handling any and all technology related problems or needs.

We commonly see clients say that they’re not happy with their IT vendor because everyone they deal with (phone company, internet provider, the IT vendor itself) points fingers at eachother and doesn’t work together. Where Seltek excels is in working with existing vendors to actually solve your problems without blaming others—what matters is solving the problem, after all, not assigning blame. You should have a technology partner that makes sure everything you have from that technology standpoint is running smoothly and efficiently. So that’s the first thing we recommend asking: how chaotic is your relationship with your technology partner(s)? Is the focus on solving problems or assigning blame?

What are your expectations of your IT services provider? Do you expect them to help you keep your software and other technology needs addressed and running smoothly? Do you expect a certain response speed? These are the kinds of questions many people ask, but it may not be the most important one. The more important questions you should be asking your potential IT partner are questions like “how will your services help my company grow long-term?” or “what is our plan for improving our existing systems in the next year?” Put simply, we highly recommend taking a deeper look at what your expectations for your IT resource are, and then communicating with them to determine if there’s a good fit for both parties. The operational efficiency your company will have with a good IT provider will give you a distinct competitive advantage—don’t let it pass you by.

The next thing to consider when examining a potential IT partner is their standard operating style. Are they more of a reactive IT company, where they try to address the problems as they happen and minimize the impact? Or are they a predictive IT company, where they take a proactive approach to prevention and monitoring to stop problems before they happen? It’s highly recommended to choose a more predictive IT solution, as modern cybersecurity threats and IT problems cannot be combated with older systems and mindsets. A good IT resource is a resource that both sets proactive measures in place and trains your staff in how to implement these policies.

The most important IT questions modern businesses can ask all relate to cybersecurity. Too many companies still rely on fragile firewalls and slow antivirus software, and a poor IT resource will follow suit. So what should a security-minded IT resource demonstrate? They should demonstrate a proactive, predictive IT style like we discussed previously, and they should be enthusiastic about protecting both your data and your reputation. With phishing scams and ransomware attacks shutting down businesses worldwide, you literally can’t afford the consequences of a reactive IT resource.

In summary, when you’re examining your IT resource and determining if they will be a good long-term IT partner, you should consider the following things: Operating style, cybersecurity approach, the expectations you have of them, and a solution-oriented relationship that focuses on fixing things first. If they have these qualities, then they’re more likely to be a good partner! Speaking of good partners, Seltek would like to humbly volunteer our services. If you’re interested in all of the good things you just learned about, feel free to book and introductory call here.