Cyber Security Stats

Cyber attacks are on the rise each year. 2021 saw 50% more attacks per week on corporate networks compared to 2020. (*  A cyber attack is an attempt by hackers to disable computers, steal data, and breach a network for additional attacks, and many are launched by cybercriminals against businesses for financial gain.  In 2020, over 60% of data breaches were financially motivated. (*Government Technology) It is imperative that businesses protect themselves against these attacks.

According to a study conducted by IBM, human error is the main cause of 95% of cyber security breaches. These types of errors include weak passwords, clicking on suspicious emails or links, or transferring funds to a hacker because of fake email posing as a supervisor. Many of these cyber attacks are referred to as “phishing,” which is when attackers send a malicious email designed to trick people into a scam and entering personal data.  Here are some tipes on how to identify a phishing email:

  1. The email domain is not from the company or is misspelled.  For example:  or  By hovering with a mouse over most links, the actual link will be revealed for you to see.
  2. There are typos or poor grammar throughout the email.
  3. Suspicious links or attachments are included. You may not be expecting an email or may receive a strange email that asks you to confirm an order by clicking on a link or an attachment. If you do this, you may be downloading ransomware.  Cyber attack stats for 2021 reveal that the .zip and .jar extensions both make up for 37% of all malicious email attachments sent on the web. The next most popular one is the (.exe) extension with 19.5%. (source Kaspersky).  Be on the lookout for those extensions.
  4. Urgency is requested. This type of email may have a deadline and may be sent supposedly by your supervisor. The email may require transferring funds.

To secure your company’s data and protect from any monetary loss, educate your employees; they are your first line of defense against malicious cyber attacks.  Seltek offers Cyber Security Assessments and monthly training for employees. Contact us at (804)360-4490 ext 8 or