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Be Smart and Protect Your Data!

Be Smart and Protect Your Data! By Patrick Logan, President of Seltek The need to have a secure data backup has never been more critical to businesses, especially for smaller, more vulnerable organizations. Data can be compromised in many ways including cyber-attacks, accidental loss or deletion, bugs, security breaches, or hardware failures. We advise taking […]

Be more secure…use Two-Factor Authentication

What is Two-Factor Authentication? by Oscar Luna, IT Support Specialist In today’s digital age, it is important to implement a layered security strategy, both personally and professionally. Two-factor authentication is an easy, secondary method of securing accounts. Normally users have a username and password, which is Single-Factor authentication. Enabling Two-factor authentication or 2FA, provides a […]

What Is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Written by Kara Mueller, IT Support Specialist, Certified Computer Examiner WHAT IS CYBER LIABILITY INSURANCE? Cyber liability insurance covers liability and financial losses that result from data breaches and other cyber events. It can cover legal fees, notifying customers about a data breach, restoring personal identities of affected customers, recovering compromised data and repairing damaged systems. […]

Electronic Pickpocketing

Written by James Overby, Seltek Helpdesk Intern What is “Electronic Pickpocketing” and how does it happen? “Electronic pickpocketing,” also known as “Digital Pickpocketing, “ is a process in which a target’s credit card information is stolen in a public setting using RFID (Radio-frequency identification) wireless technologies. This type of theft can happen when getting gas, […]

Juice Hacking: Hacking in Plain Sight

What is “Juice Jacking”? Written by James Overby, Seltek IT Intern “Juice Jacking,” also known as “Juice Filming,” is a type of cyber-attack introduced within the past 5 years, involving cell phone chargers that serve as a data connection for hackers. These attacks typically happen over USB and involve installing malware to devices or copying […]

Cyber Security: How Do I Protect My Business From a Data Breach

CYBER SECURITY: HOW DO I PROTECT MY BUSINESS FROM A DATA BREACH By Patrick Logan, President and Certified Computer Examiner What is Cyber Security? Cyber Security (or Data Security) concerns the protection of data from accidental or intentional, but unauthorized modification, destruction or disclosure through the use of physical security, administrative controls, logical controls, and […]

Why Digital Forensics Matters to You

Digital Forensics

WHAT IS DIGITAL FORENSICS? Digital Forensics can be defined as the investigation, recovery and analysis of data and evidence within digital devices (computers, smartphones, etc.).  Digital forensic investigations should only be performed by trained and certified examiners who can ensure that the recovery and analysis of any and all evidence is not altered and will […]