4 Tips to Reduce Your IT Costs

Who doesn’t like to save money? We all do. However, there is a fine line between frugal and cost-effective. Business owners need to toe the line of keeping overhead costs to a minimum and provide an environment where your information is safe, and your team can be efficient. We have put together five tips to consider when evaluating your IT budget that can help you save some money. At Seltek, we want to provide cost-effective solutions that are flexible enough to support you through whatever changes (or pandemics) come your way. Give us a call today to get started!

1. Audit Your Existing Solutions

To understand what you are working with, you need to take stock of everything you are utilizing. Looking at every tool or solution will immediately highlight some potential cuts to make. As you go through each line item, ask yourself: Is this the right system for my business? Does it accomplish all I need? Does this tool improve efficiency and save our employees’ time?

2. Identify Redundant Our Unnecessary Tools

The easiest way to reduce costs is to get rid of things you aren’t using. Many companies have a habit of purchasing a new tool or service to meet an immediate need without looking internally to see if they can adapt an existing tool. More often than not, you already have what you need. You might simply need some training or guidance on how to implement these tools into your business processes, and we can help with that.

Here is a tip: Do you have Office 365? Most companies get this package to use programs like Word and Excel but don’t fully utilize the other apps that come with it. When configured correctly, Microsoft Teams can be more powerful than Slack and Zoom combined, and SharePoint or OneDrive can do the job of Google Drive or Dropbox and possibly become your all in one cloud storage solution.

3. Don’t Take A Reactionary Approach to Your IT

Are you currently working with a “break-fix” management style, where you pay to fix problems as they occur? Or are you investing in reliable solutions and working with a provider that will be responsible for upkeep and management of your systems? Patchworking a system together will end up costing you more in the long run. We believe you should engage a provider like us to implement a reliable system and keep it in tip-top shape.

4. Don’t Leave Yourself Vulnerable

If you owned a storefront, would you neglect to install locks and a security system? Your network shouldn’t be any different. Your business’s information is priceless; don’t leave it out in the open to be hacked or deleted. Be honest with yourself- do you have the technical knowledge to ensure that your information is protected 24/7? Remedying the damage from a cyberattack can be extremely costly and take a long time. Most businesses don’t ever fully recover.

We could go on, but these tips target the areas that we think will make the most impact on your budget. If you’re hesitant about tackling an IT budget review on your own, that’s okay! We encourage you to reach out. Give us a call!